Ghost Stories

I’m very intrigued by this. Ghost Stories is the well regarded stage show adapted for cinema by its creators Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman. Dyson, one of the members of The League Of Gentlemen (one of my favourite television series of all time, and recognised by myself as less of a comedy than a warts-and-all documentary about my home town of Morley). Dyson is a fellow Leodian and had his sensibilities formed by the same 1970’s horror-drenched milieu that I experienced. Everything from Hammer horror films late on a Friday night, to Armchair Thriller, to the unapologetic trash horror of prime-era James Herbert, it all went in, to be echoed back out in disparate and unusual ways. In Dyson’s case it’s been the deep current of dread and darkness that sluices through the streets of Royston Vasey in The League of Gentlemen, through to his short story collections and first novel What Happens Now. It clearly informs this film, a homage to the classic portmanteau films of Amicus and Hammer in the early 1970’s. Peter Bradshaw’s review in The Guardian says enough to whet my appetite, suggesting that “a weird world of menace, despair and decay” awaits those who dare to enter. Sounds right up my dark street, and in the (excuse the pun) spirit of the occasion, here’s a couple of my ‘ghost’-themed artworks:

My 2013 painting ‘Ghost Story’ depicting one of the most haunting places I’ve ever been in, down the woods near my childhood home of Morley.

My 2013 drawing of William Blake’s ‘Ghost Of A Flea’


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