Foxes Unearthed

A new drawing, that during it’s completion I realised I could mock-up as a cover for Lucy Jones’ Foxes Unearthed, an interesting book on the creature and it’s position in Britain today. We have foxes living close to our house, and when I used to catch the bus to work I always enjoyed seeing them trotting across Vinney Green in the pre-dawn light. They were a helpful reminder from the universe that this life is not all grim drudgery, so with that in mind do I need to even explain my position on ‘fox hunting’, reeking as it does of snobbery, privilege and a contempt for anything that can’t subdued by whip or boot heel. Also feeding into my thoughts while making the drawing was the fables from Medieval Europe detailing the adventures of the trickster fox Reynard:

Here’s the original ink drawing I made:

Available to buy. Email me for more details.

Julian Cope – Reynard The Fox



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