Cynan Jones: The Dig

My 2017 drawing ‘The Dig’ mocked-up as a cover for the novel that inspired it. Cynan Jones has written several short novels, each suffused with a palpable sense of place, specifically the fields, farmlands and coastline of west Wales. It’s a part of the world I’ve visited often and I really think he captures the sense that you are in one of the last places in the British Isles where the monoculture has yet to arrive, but it’s not all picture postcard Escape To The Country reveries. He acknowledges and, indeed, revels in exploring the darkness that lurks just behind the hedgerows and The Dig is no exception. There’s an obvious debt to Cormac McCarthy in the prose and in the effort he asks from the reader, but he is very much ploughing his own furrow and I look forward to reading more of his work in the future.


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