Hexon Bogon

Following on from ‘The Precipice’, I’ve made another painting inspired by a Mogwai song. This was how I started painting, back in 2008, and pursued that as a working method for a couple of years. Going back to that influence has allowed me to explore ways of applying paint in a different way than my typical hyper-detailed ‘realist’ approach. I’ve used smaller-scale canvasses (this one is apx. A3 size) and worked quickly, hoping to achieve a different kind of result. Both this one and ‘The Precipice’ have exceeded my expectations, but I remained dedicated to my established style and the next painting will be done in that vein.

This painting is for sale. £40 + shipping. Paypal (rik.rawling@gmail.com) or email me if you’re interested.

Mogwai – Hexon Bogon


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