The Precipice

This new painting is something of a departure for me, but one that’s been a long time coming. I’ve increasingly been nagged by the feeling that I need to take my art to the next level, to try and find a way of fusing the realism I’ve developed over the past few years together with a more expressive kind of imagery. I took my cues from my favourite band Mogwai, who effortlessly move from structured melodies to white noise – often within the same song – and still make it work as a cohesive artistic statement. As I did about nine years ago when I first started teaching myself how to paint, I used the title of a Mogwai song as my guiding principle. I’m pleased with the result, and feel confident to continue working in this vein as an addition to my main body of work.

This painting is for sale. £50 + shipping. Paypal ( or email me if you’re interested.

Mogwai – The Precipice


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