Mogwai: Every Country’s Sun

Long time readers will know that Mogwai are my favourite band, and have been since the mid-90’s when I heard their first album Young Team. I’ve seen them live more times than any other band, (at one gig in 2005 they played with such overwhelming sonic ferocity that they cured my throat infection) and they’ve been a constant inspiration to me over the years, as I’ve evolved from comix artist to painter. Details of their new album – Every Country’s Sun – have just been announced and while the enigmatic song titles remain a constant, the cover is the best one they’ve had since I don’t know when and judging by the first track released ‘(‘Coolverine’) they’re at the absolute top of their game, consolidating the evolution of their sound as heard on the Atomic and Before The Flood soundtracks. The evidence:

Mogwai – Coolverine

In 2008 when I made the decision to become a painter, it was Mogwai who provided the impetus and the soundtrack to that transition. I looked at their commitment to their art and thought that if I can’t at least try to match that level of commitment and focus then I might as well give up now. Using their song titles I tried to make images that captured what I felt was the mood of each song, and it proved to be the best kind of crash course in learning a new medium. Below are examples from the 20+ paintings and drawings I created as part of ‘Project Mogwai‘, some of which are still available to buy as originals. Email me for more details.


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