Hubert Selby Jr: Waiting Period cover

I have joined an ancient fraternity. I have killed a man.
Hubert Selby Jr, Waiting Period

My 2015 drawing of Charles Manson, mocked up as a cover for Hubert Selby Jr’s Waiting Period. That was his last novel, published two years before his death in 2004, but it gives no sign of a man in decline. If anything, his writing is even more intense and his stream-of-consciousness first-person narrative is utterly relentless and exhausting, but that’s how it had to be. Hubert was not put on earth to reassure everyone that things would turn out alright, nor was he here to drag us into the abyss. He was here to make us realise the best and worst aspects of ourselves and use what we learn to make the most of life.


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