Yndi Halda poster

My 2016 drawing of Daisy Ridley, mocked-up as a poster for the band Yndi Halda. I really like their first album, the (initially at least) self-released Enjoy Eternal Bliss in 2005, and assumed that they’d split up and moved on, but they released a new album last year and they’re touring like mad, as most bands have to do these days. I personally prefer their first album, which is clearly influenced by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, right down to the pretentious and slightly daft song titles and the hand-made packaging, but I felt they’d added their own distinctive take and brought a real sense of epic drama to the proceedings.

Yndi Halda – Dash & Blast

Yndi Halda – Illuminate My Heart, My Darling


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