Neil Ansell: Deep Country

Neil Ansell did what many people claim to dream of. He walked away from the modern world, and lived for 5 years in a remote house in the Welsh hills. No power. No running water. We’re far beyond worrying about a reliable broadband service, this was about day to day survival in a place designed for, at best, working class 19th century living. He was totally alone, often not seeing another human being for weeks at a time. Rather than plunge him into deep introspection, he found that solitude completely suppressed his ego, freeing his nervous system to make a purer connection with the outside world, with the land and its creatures. His writing about those experiences is reminiscent at times of J.A Baker (though lacking in that man’s dark obsessions) but in the main it’s like being spun a yarn by some friendly old crusty in a pub. The book is Deep Country and I recommend it.

Neil Ansell – Deep Country


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