Alan Warner: Morvern Callar

Morvern Callar cover - Rik Rawling

It’s years since I read this, but I remember it captured the pervasive mood in the mid-90’s as rave culture died away. There was plenty of Ballard’s predicted “death of affect” around and all the chemically-induced positivity was giving way to paranoia and “pre-millenial tension.” I saw a lot of casualties like Morvern, former advocates of E who were now deeply damaged psychologically and/or saddled with serious drug habits, and for many of them it still hadn’t quite sunk in that the party was over. I used my 2013 drawing ‘Distance’ as the basis for the mock-up cover for the novel, which was adapted into a film that featured a purist-pleasing soundtrack (Can – check, Velvet Underground – check, Lee Hazlewood – check…):

Morvern Callar – film soundtrack


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