The Monarch

The Monarch - Rik Rawling 2017Wherever he goes this winter I will follow him. I will share the fear, and the exaltation, and the boredom, of the hunting life. I will follow him till my predatory human shape no longer darkens in terror the shaken kaleidoscope of colour that stains the deep fovea of his brilliant eye. My pagan heart shall sink into the winter land, and there be purified.
J.A. Baker, The Peregrine

A new drawing, of a peregrine falcon, the subject of J.A. Baker’s The Peregrine, one of my favourite books that I’ve mentioned several times before. I’ve always been fascinated by birds or prey, but I’ve never wanted to own and train (or ‘man’) one. I prefer Baker’s approach, of looking for them within a certain landscape and seeing what those observations reveal about myself. These birds become guides on a personal vision quest, and over the years I’ve noticed them intervening in my life at times when I need to pay attention to what’s really going on, and have learnt to trust their appearance as a sign that something important is happening.

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