Alan Garner: The Edge Of The Ceiling


I use mythology and folklore, when I use it, not to deflect the attention away from reality but to focus the attention of the reader on the apparent reality behind the reality, the reality behind the three-dimensional world, because it was that reality that was real for me in childhood.
Alan Garner

Alan Garner was the author of The Owl Service, one of the key texts within the recent fad for the English Wyrd. This early 1980’s documentary features Garner talking about his life and influences, and comes loaded with narrated excerpts from his books and eerie musical interludes and recorded screams that are curiously reminiscent of The League Of Gentlemen. Other scenes of Garner wandering around his key sites of inspiration – mainly around Alderley Edge in Cheshire – look like they’re from the early days of pop videos, with shaky hand-held footage and sudden zooms into blacked-out windows and strange rock formations. Somehow it all adds to the sincere intention of introducing Garner’s unusual body of work to the unsuspecting viewer.

Alan Garner – The Edge Of The Ceiling


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