Mogwai poster

Mogwai poster - Rik Rawling

I’ve used my 2016 drawing ‘The Owl Service’ for this mock-up poster for a Mogwai concert. Mogwai are my favourite band, and have been since the mid-90’s when I first heard ‘Mogwai Fear Satan’ and realised nothing else was ever going to be the same again. I first saw them perform live at the Duchess Of York in Leeds on Valentine’s Day 1998, and have seen them a few times since then, but it’s the records I prefer. I listen to them while I’m painting and went through a phase a few years back of making paintings inspired by some of their songs (see some examples here). Whenever I go back up north I have them on my mp3 player as I walk around the town and the woods and they really have ended up making the soundtrack of my adult life. Here’s some of my favourite Mogwai songs:

Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan

Mogwai – New Paths To Helicon, part one

Mogwai – HMP Shaun William Ryder



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