Beneath The Heart Of Darkness


This is another important location for me. As grim as it looks, this subway tunnel under the M621 motorway plays an important role in my imagination as a portal into another world. It’s walls have been coated over the decades with layers of often surreal graffiti (‘Not all angels are insane’ being my personal favourite) and in my imagination I was like a Victorian explorer uncovering the mysteries of ancient Egypt. In reality, I was only following the path from Bluebell Wood, across Tanhouse Beck and on towards the old railway embankment, but from there I could look out across the whole of Leeds, and I fondly remember walking our dog down there in the summer of 1985 when I was 17 years old and still trying to work out what I was doing with my life. Over 30 years later I’m still trying to work it out, so whenever I’m back up there I revisit those places, perhaps in the hope of reconnecting with something that has been lost over the passage of time. What that something is I’m really not sure, but I keep looking.

Ed Harcourt – Beneath The Heart Of Darkness


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