Chris Yates: Nightwalk

Nightwalk book cover mock-up

I’ve used my 2016 drawing ‘The Phantom’ to mock-up this cover for Chris Yates’ book Nightwalk. It documents his interactions with nature during nocturnal rambles around his home in the North Downs. I’ve sometimes wondered if I could do something similar for where I live. You could be forgiven for thinking that a housing estate on the eastern edge of Bristol would offer little in the way of wild encounters, but twenty years ago this territory was all fields and hedgerows, and the animals that once went unmolested by man have learnt to adapt. I regularly hear foxes barking in the dark, and sometimes see them running around on Vinney Green. I’ve even seen deer down by the cycle track, and when our daughter was a baby and having us up all night we once saw a badger on the rear patio. Who knows what else might be out there, at night, when the suburbs sleep and all you can hear are the boy racers on the ring road, cats howling like babies and the distant slamming of doors.


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