The Old Golden Fleece


In my old home village of Churwell, there used to be three pubs. Known locally as the ‘Top ‘Ole’ (The Commercial Inn), ‘Middle ‘Ole’ (The Old Golden Fleece) and ‘Bottom ‘Ole’ (The New Inn), they stood about a hundred yards apart from each other on opposing side of Elland Road. At an early age you would establish an allegiance to one of the pubs and from that day forth it was where you would piss the rest of your life away. I personally preferred the New Inn, as it was a short drunken stagger from my home and during the 1990’s the landlord offered a decent range of real ales, including the hallowed Pendle Witches Brew. A few years back though, they knocked the Middle ‘Ole down and now a Tesco Metro stands in its place. Every time I go back there I find myself feeling oddly bereft at the loss of what was, to be honest, a fairly grotty old pub that I rarely ever went in. It’s just the passing of another familiar old marker from the life you knew, and with every such passing you find yourself a little further away from the person you used to be.

Mogwai – Secret Pint


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