Adam Scovell: No Diggin’ Here


Adam Scovell’s new film, No Diggin’ Here, is inspired by wanderings physical and psychic through the landscapes of M.R. James’ coast-based ghost stories, specifically A Warning To The Curious but also Oh Whistle And I’ll Come To You My Lad. Both were filmed for the BBC during their late 60’s/early 70’s era of classic ghost story adaptations at Christmas. Most will have had their first experience of M.R.James’ work through these adaptations, myself included, and, to be honest, I prefer them to the original stories. Adam Scovell seeks to extend that tradition with this short film that emphasises implication and suggestion, the lingering threat of that unseen. The music, which adds much to the film, comes from Laura Cannell, whose fusion of traditional and experimental techniques evokes potent imagery in its own right, adding to the sense that the past is not yet passed and the future has yet to be dreamed of. Based on this, and some of his past excursions, it comes as no surprise that he has written Folk Horror: Hours Dreadful And Things Strange, which looks like a consolidation of all the ‘Wyrd Britannia’ fascinations of the past few years.

Adam Scovell – No Diggin’ Here


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