Adam Scovell: Heavy Water


A ruined warning of the lost future to come…

Adam Scovell‘s a British film-maker whose work I’ve been following for some time. The films are all short vignettes, visual haikus upon a specific theme or subject, full of atmosphere and a sense of foreboding, but also conduits to a different way of perceiving the things around us. Heavy Water, a 7 minute film released September 2016, is a perfect example of that. Using a collage of scenes filmed along the eerier stretched of the Suffolk coast (Dunwich and Sizewell, close to Rendlesham Forest – the setting for one of the most significant Close Encounters in British ufology history – and close to Woodbridge, the childhood home of Brian Eno) the text by Richard Skelton, narrated by Paul Carmichael, ponders all things vaguely Ghost Box – the sense that the sci-fi fantasies of the post-war era were shredded by the talons of Thatcherism, with the remnants discarded to the margins, the edgelands, the lonely borderlands between reality and something we don’t have a name for.

Adam Scovell – Heavy Water


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