Back From The Dead


I’m back home after a few days up north, visiting family and old haunts, including the scene captured above. This is the cemetery of St Peter’s Church in Morley, adjacent to what was my old infant school. It’s location on Rooms Lane is where a child abduction takes place in Dave Peace’s novel 1983, though nothing like that ever happened to us. I took this photo last Saturday evening, just as the sun was setting and a dense and freezing fog was starting to form, creating a real Hammer Horror atmosphere. All it needed was Christopher Lee in a cape or Dave Prowse as Frankenstein’s Monster lurching between the headstones, but alas I had to settle for an old codger with an Aldi bag. I took many photos while I was up there, most of them useless as reference for future paintings but on the morning I departed I walked through the park. The sun was rising over the rooftops , casting long shadows across the frosted grass, and I captured an image that been waiting over 40 years for me to paint. I’ve got a couple of others to finish first, but next year it will be realised as a painting.


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