Jerry Stahl: Permanent Midnight


The thing is, all my heroes were junkies. Lenny Bruce, Keith Richards, William Burroughs, Miles Davis, Hubert Selby, Jr… These guys were cool. They were committed. They would not have been caught dead doing an ALF episode.
Jerry Stahl, Permanent Midnight

I’ve used my drawing of Jerry from several years ago for this mock-up cover to his first memoir Permanent Midnight. Reading about people’s descent into drug hell is usually boring and self-indulgent, but this writer brings a new perspective, using a constant flow of self-deprecating humour to counterpoint the horror of his breakneck fall into the narcotic abyss. There’s been a film version made, with Ben Stiller (a friend of the author) playing Jerry, Owen Wilson as his smackpal Nicky, and Liz Hurley (!) as his long-suffering wife and the mother of his daughter. I’ve never seen it, and probably never will. The book’s good enough on its own.


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