The Phantom

The Phantom - Rik Rawling 2016

To be joyous is to be a madman in a world of sad ghosts.
Henry Miller

A new drawing, that took weeks to finish. Every mark is made with a fine point gel pen, so rendering all those stones probably took longer than it did to build the wall in the first place. Why am I driven to work like this? I could have just done a few impressionistic smears and it would have probably worked just as well as a finished image. Sometimes I think I’ve gone too far with this kind of dementedly-detailed drawing and that it really is a manifestation of some undiagnosed mental illness, but this way of working is the only way my art can look like I and I alone made it, otherwise it just looks like the work of 10,000 others all using the same materials and techniques. For all my doubts and misgivings about what I do, the underlying determination is that it looks like I made it, and that no-one else could have.


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