By Our Selves

By Our Selves0

I’ve not seen this yet, but I’m definitely intrigued. Andrew Kötting’s film By Our Selves was inspired by Iain Sinclair’s Edge of the Orison and John Clare’s Journey out of Essex and retraces the 4-day walk Clare made from Epping Forest to Northamptonshire, where he was committed to an asylum.

By Our Selves1

Clare was hallucinating the whole way and witnesses to the re-enactment might be forgiven for thinking they were doing the same, when confronted with the sight of Toby Jones leading a man (Andrew Kötting) dressed as a straw bear on a rope. Accompanying him on his journey is the writer Iain Sinclair, Dr Simon Kovesi and warlock Alan Moore.

By Our Selves2

For anyone with a low tolerance for tomfoolery, this is just people without real jobs messing about in the woods, but I’m all for it and think that in these grimly sane times we need some healthy expressions of revitalising madness.

By Our Selves (trailer)

By Our Selves – discussion with Alan Moore


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