Jim Lewis: The King Is Dead

The King Is Dead cover

No comfort on this planet, no there wasn’t, but the brief joy of a sunny day and the hasty hardship of hard times. It was strange. No wonder so many ghosts spent their dwelling time screaming; no wonder no-one ever heard them.
Jim Lewis, The King Is Dead

Another book cover mock-up, using my 2014 drawing. Jim Lewis has written three novels to date, including his debut Sister which is self-consciously strange but still memorable for the confidence he displayed as a first time author. His last novel to date, The King Is Dead, was published “way back” in 2003 and received some strong critical recommendations, which are entirely deserved. As a portrait of the post-war United States and a study of the unravelling ‘American Dream’, it’s on a par with Rabbit, Run or Revolutionary Road.


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