George Shaw: Saints Of Somewhere interview

GS Saints1

Regular readers will know that one of my favourite artists is George Shaw. When I first saw his work in late 2008 I was born again as an artist, born again with a burning conviction to abandon all my old working methods and try to become a painter with something personal to say. I’ve followed his work very closely ever since, and especially enjoy the few interviews he’s done. The latest one has just been posted by Saints Of Somewhere, offering an hour of George discussing some of the most significant influences on his life, his art and his view of the world.

GS Saints2

Those influences include Joy Division’s Closer, Francis Bacon, ‘Chad the Mod’ from The Who’s Quadrophenia album, James Joyce and Kenneth Williams.

GS Saints3

What’s clear is that George thinks quite differently to a lot of artists – in fact, he thinks quite differently to a lot of people these days. He’s evolved his own weltanschauung, heavily informed by his British working class upbringing during the 1970’s-80’s and revels in the apparent contradiction of melding ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture (John Donne and Carry On films) as a way of making sense of his moment in history. Fascinating stuff and well worth an hour of your time.

Saints Of Somewhere: George Shaw


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