Peter Matthiessen: The Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard book cover - Rik Rawling

And it is a profound consolation, perhaps the only one, to this haunted animal that wastes most of a long and ghostly life wandering the future and the past on its hind legs, looking for meanings, only to see in the eyes of others of its kind that it must die.
Peter Matthiessen, The Snow Leopard

I’ve used my 2014 drawing ‘Ghost Of The Mountain’ for this mock-up book cover. I’ll never forget the summer holiday in 2013, where I endured insomnia for almost a week and had only Matthiessen’s book as consolation during the long sleepless hours. After 3-4 days without sleep I was hallucinating wildly and felt as though I was wandering through the Himalaya, searching for the elusive creature that is not meant to be found, representing as it does Don DeLillo’s perfect phrase, “the unseen something that haunts the day.”


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