Write Bastard


You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.
Ray Bradbury

Over the years I’ve written 2 novels. The first when I was 21, when I was young and naive, and another ten years later when I really should have known better. Neither will ever see light of day. There are already too many shit books in the world. On top of that, I also wrote a massive book about the dark history of Britain during the last half of the 20th century, with an emphasis on several true crime cases notorious and otherwise. That too will never be published, for which you should all be relieved. As well as these doomed book projects I’ve written hundreds of record and book reviews, as well as several articles on true crime and pop culture. Some got published in ‘proper’ books, most didn’t. And I’ve also self-published books about my own art projects over the years, most of which are now permanently offline. I’ve always enjoyed writing, sometimes more than producing artwork, but I’ve reached the point where I’ve got to choose between the two disciplines, and the art has won. I’m not saying I’ll never write anything ever again, but I think I need to let some time pass during which ideas and feelings can be stored up for when the day comes to put them down in writing.

Below are links to PDF’s of some of those projects, all free to download:

Altar (paintings and drawings inspired by the Boris/SunnO))) album Altar) – download

Scorpio Deathtrip (art from the Saturn In Retrograde 60’s/70’s true crime anthology) – download

The End Of Nothing (Altamont, The Hell’s Angels, Rolling Stones & Kenneth Anger) – download

Requiem For Lucifer (Bobby Beausoleil & The Manson Family) – download

Messiahs Of Voltage: How The Stooges Died For You – download

Ritual In The Dark: the Witchcraft murder of Charles Walton – download

Love & Fury: the life and death of Joe Meek – download

Choking On Pigeon’s Milk: the life and death of Joe Orton – download




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