The Withnail & I Drawings

Withnal book art

I’ve self-published a one-off copy of a booklet which brings together all my drawings of the main characters from my favourite film, Withnail & I. Behind a textured paper cover you get a brief essay by myself and quotes from the film, together with reproductions of the drawings:

Marwood - Rik Rawling 2015.Marwood

Uncle Monty - Rik Rawling 2015Uncle Monty

Danny the Dealer - Rik Rawling 2012Danny the Dealer

Withnail - Rik Rawling 2015Withnail

This single-edition booklet is available, together with the 3 remaining original drawings (Danny the Dealer is long lost) to anyone out there why wants to put a few £ in my PayPal account. I’m not setting a price, but would at least expect to cover postage costs. First come, first serve. Email me if you’re interested.

Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy of the booklet here.

UPDATE – there were no takers, so I’ve sent them to someone who might want them. I’ve got a lot more drawings to be rid of, so I might just keep doing that, selecting addresses at random, until they’re all gone.

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