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Inspired by these recent posts (here and here) I’m on a bit of a Bukowski rediscovery trip at the moment. In my twenties I went through the same phase many young men do in discovering Charles Bukowski’s work and declaring him to be the only writer they will ever need from that point forward. It does not take long to realise the folly of our ignorance and I imagine tht many like I did get rid of his books and “move on.” Recently I’ve found myself looking at his work again and seeing things I’d missed first time around. This can be attributed to having not gained enough life experience to understand what the man was saying when I was reading him in the mid-90’s, whereas now, some twenty years later, I get it. If anything, it’s hitting me harder now than it did before.

As well as being a frustrated artist, I’ve also always had an interest in graphic design, and when at school I saw that as my preferred career. Guess what? It never happened, but I’ve often made work with a consideration that it could one day be used as a book cover. What I’ve done here is take some of my drawings from the past 5 years and used them in mocked-up covers for some of Buk’s books.

Buk covers2Buk covers3

Bukowski’s ‘Nirvana’ read by Tom Waits

Bukowski’s ‘All The Way’

Bukowski’s ‘Bluebird’


2 thoughts on “Buk Books

  1. Yep. Bukowski is still relevant. Esp if you’ve ignored his “advice to young men” and continue to write poetry. There is a level of maturity perhaps to get to that “second-level” understanding his work. Perhaps if one can understand ‘beyond right and wrong’ it is possible, I don’t know. Anyway, great cover art!

    • Thanks Chris. I first read Buk around ’96. ‘The Most Beautiful Woman In Town’ collection, from which the first story just blew my mind. I was at the right age and in the right state of psychic turmoil. Tried a few of the other books, then the Howard Sounes biog, and then – in my early 30’s – decided I was past all that. Now, a dozen or so years later, it’s all starting to make sense in a way it never could have before. I’m inspired to draw more Buk-related work, and will be offering it up for sale via the blog. Might even have a go at painting a poortrait. Thanks again.

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