The Last

The Last

Another new painting. Calling it ‘The Last’ is an allusion to the idea of the last wolf in Britain, killed in Scotland sometime during the 1700’s. There’s now moves afoot to see the creature reintroduced into the wilds of Scotland, with robust arguments for and against that happening. The species as a whole is gradually reasserting itself across its traditional habitats of North America and northern Europe, but it will take the intervention of man to see them once again roaming the hills of this island. I’d personally welcome it, but I understand why some wouldn’t. The beast comes with a unjustifiably fearsome reputation, one that’s been fed by centuries of misunderstanding, folklore and superstition, and it’s clear it’s going to take a lot more time and effort to adjust how people perceive these animals. As far as I’m concerned, we need them out there, doing what they do, contributing their presence to the awesome spectacle that is life on earth. Without them, we are ourselves diminished on a level not easily quantified by the accountants and economists. It’s a limitation to wonder, something the multi-media monoculture is very effective at destroying, and that needs to be resisted with passion and commitment by all those who give a shit.


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