Work In Progress

IUTBD pencils 9 Oct 2015

This is another new painting I’m working on. It’s been a very frustrating year, having only completed one painting, with far too many stalled projects and false starts lying around me as damning evidence of almost complete artistic failure. Blame it on hassles with the day job and all kinds of other petty bullshit that just gets in the way. It used to be easier, it really did. I think back to when I could stay up until 2 in the morning, drawing and painting, and still get up the next morning and do a full day in the office. What. The. Fuck. Happened? Anyway, this one is being rendered in monochrome, and is already much further ahead than what you see here. Should have it finished by the end of the week. “Who are you kidding?” says a voice and, as usual, I don’t listen to it.


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