George Shaw: The Last Days Of Belief

George Shaw - Study for The Damned

Regular readers will know that I’m an admirer of the work of George Shaw. At times that admiration has bordered on obsession, but there really can be no overstating the impact of his work when I first saw it in 2008. I’ve been influenced by artists before – John Buscema, Kev O’Neill, Frank Miller, Geof Darrow, Coop, and many more – but seeing George’s paintings for the first time completely blew my mind and changed forever my artistic ambitions. In recent weeks I’ve forced myself to revisit my old influences in order to stir dormant engines for the completion of the Streetmeat 20th Anniversary book, but now that I’m stuck with the chore of scanning the original art and pulling all the material together, my restless creative mind is seeking stimulus elsewhere. How timely then that news should emerge of Wilkinson Gallery hosting a new exhibition of George’s work – The Last Days Of Belief – opening 29 May and running until 12 July. It’s not been officially announced yet, but I’m already planning my Megabus daytrip.

UPDATE: On 4 June, George will be giving a guided tour of his new exhibition of 14 new paintings, followed by a Q&A. Attendance is limited to 30, so book your place here. Much as I’d like to I’ll not be there myself on the day, but I will visit the exhibition at some stage.


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