Ghost Of A Hurt: Cassette Edition


Further to my previous post, here’s a final push to promote this new release by Cruel Nature Records. The cover was illustrated and designed by me, using this original drawing and the application of some Photoshop electrickery. My intention was to evoke – but not mimic – the vintage Penguin paperback designs of the 1960’s.

GOAH2The cassette edition is limited to 25 copies. £5 each. Get your copy here. Digital downloads are also available, and there’s still some of the original CD-R versions, available direct from Bedabbled!


One thought on “Ghost Of A Hurt: Cassette Edition

  1. All 25 copies of the cassette edition sold out before the official release date tomorrow (24th Nov). so thanks to all who’ve contributed. Those who missed out can still get copies of the original CD-R version from Bedabbled! – see the link in my posting above. Will there be more releases like this in future? Myself and the members of The Sinister Insult certainly hope so, but reality has a way of forever impinging upon our fantasies.

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