Ghost Of A Hurt: Cassette Edition

Wych Elm

Regular readers will know that the strange case of ‘Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?’ has been an obsession of mine for several years, so much so that it’s inspired my writing in 2007 of what I hoped was the definitive article on the case, which in turn inspired a 2008 painting:

Ghost of a Hurt

and an album by the band The Sinister Insult, with whom I collaborated in terms of art and design. Last year we produced a limited ‘Hex’ edition of that album:

GOAH Tableux

complete with hand-made gatefold packaging, booklet, illustrated CD and piece of original art, complete with a newly-painted cover, all put together by myself.

GOAH cassette JPEG

Cruel Nature Records have now extended the obsession by releasing a cassette edition, available now on pre-order for £5. A digital version is also available for £3. At the Cruel Nature Bandcamp page you can hear samples and make your choice.

One thought on “Ghost Of A Hurt: Cassette Edition

  1. I missed this project when I was perusing your works for Wyrd Daze, Rik. What an amazing package the CD/booklet is – wonderful work! The tape is sold out already too, unfortunately, but I’ll certainly be giving the album a listen.

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