We’re No Here

We're No Here

Another painting from the Project Mogwai series, completed in late 2008. Bear with me while I explain the background to this, which goes back to 2006-7 when I was working on a book called The Hangman’s Breakfast. It was a true crime project, covering notorious British murders – and some not so – between the end of WWII and the present day. Two years and half a million words later, I was left with an unpublishable manuscript and a head full of bad juju. I had gazed into the abyss, and the abyss had gazed back into me. Amongst the long list of miserable excuses for human beings one name stood out, that of Mark Martin, who aimed to be Nottingham’s first serial killer, and the reason you’ve probably never heard of him is because he selected his victims from the city’s “underclass” of the homeless and drug-addicted, people who don’t seem to qualify for tabloid attention. Three young women – Zoe Pennick (aged 26), Ellen Frith (aged 25) and Katie Baxter (aged 18) – died for no other reason than he wanted his name to be known. The fact that you’ve probably never heard of him is a measure of his success.

Mogwai – We’re No Here


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