For A Knave

A Kestrel For A Knave

A new painting, as hinted at here, but finally completed last Saturday morning. Where I grew up in south Leeds,  Kes – the book and the film – was a holy artefact. Even kids who hated school had read it, and whenever it was on telly we all stayed in to watch it. We saw our lives reflected back at us, and in Billy Casper we recognised ourselves and what fate had in store for us. This painting has been stuck inside me for about 35 years, patiently waiting for the day when I could do it justice. With its completion I feel something important has happened and I have gained a renewed sense of purpose with my work. The jesses are off, Kes flies on.


2 thoughts on “For A Knave

  1. Thanks for the comment. I get very few visitors to the blog (an average of 5 per day), so that leads to very, very few comments. This painting was very important to me, as it pulled me out of a creative malaise that I’d been in for a good couple of years. Nothing seemed to be working, and what what was required was a return to the things that inspired me as a kid – not the media I was surrounded by, but the landscape I grew up in and at the time took for granted, a landscape that’s now been almost completely erased by urban sprawl. The success of this painting has given me a focus that had been lacking for several years.

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