Premio Bukowski


My 2010 sketch of Charles Bukowski has been used by the organisers of Premio Bukowski, an Italian literary competition inspired by ‘Hank’ and the legend that still slumps over his name, like a drunk at the end of a bar.  More details here:


2 thoughts on “Premio Bukowski

  1. I’m sorry to see your blog come to an end, although I can understand why you’re calling it quits. I think you’ve got a great talent, it’s just a shame that your work hasn’t found a wider audience. It makes me wonder whether I’m kidding myself by trying to make a living selling my art, and that I should get a proper job instead (which I did have until recently and absolutely hated).

    I’m sure you’ll continue to make art for yourself and those that you love, and if you cut away the bullshit, isn’t that why you started in the first place?

    We live in a society where people place more value on X-Factor than on a piece of art, so we’re swimming against the tide I guess. Being able to express yourself by releasing something inside you is a beautiful thing and I’d like to think that’s worth more than money in the bank. After all, if your only means of expression is shouting at the TV, what’s that doing to your soul?

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