Run With The Hunted

Run With The Hunted 2

This painting is the companion piece to this one, and both hang side by side in the hallway of my house. Paintings and drawings of animals are larely dismissed by the high-art elite. They’ll allow George Stubbs and his horses, and even Louis Wain and his cats, but anything else is categorised as ‘wildlife art’ and given a small table at the back of the room, next to the toilets. Artists who work in this field are not interested in causing a “paradigm shift” in art, they are preserving for future generations that which, at the present rate of extinction, will not be around in fifty years time. Creatures that roamed the earth before our ancestors climbed down from the trees will be gone. Entropy may be inevitable for all living things, but for one species to have accelerated that process in order to maximise short-term profits is deeply shameful. We are a sorry lot, we really are, and when the universe finally tires of us we will wonder what we did wrong to deserve such a fate.


One thought on “Run With The Hunted

  1. As a photographer, I really like this. And what you have to say about the way we treat our world is very true, but you can’t fight money, so see you in Hell.

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