Bill Callahan

I'm New Here (Bill Callahan portrait)

Bill Callahan – The Breeze


3 thoughts on “Bill Callahan

  1. I remember seeing this ages ago online and loving it. You are beyond talented and I am so glad I finally found your blog, so that I can follow your other work. Best, Amarie

  2. Thanks very much. The painting was going to be used as the cover for a Bill Callahan tribute album, but the last I heard from the label involved was almost 2 years ago. I did approach Bill himself – via Drag City – to see if he was interested in writing something for a collected edition of all the paintings & drawings I’d done inspired by his songs, but he politely declined. There’s another 7 paintings in the series, and several more ink drawings, that I will feature over the weeks/months ahead. Thanks again. R

    • Ah, what a complete shame! I am so excited to see the other pieces in the series, though. Definitely looking forward to those.

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